5 Trends for 2015!

The New Year means a fresh start for retail, we all want to know what’s going to be happening in the next 12 months so here’s our top 5 Retail Interior and design trends for 2015

1. Must Have Colours

Softer, pastel tones, with a hint of 50′s  California thrown in with soothing tones, blues, Acqua, turquoise leading the way.




2. Mid-Century Furniture

The Mid Century continues its grip on our aesthetic senses, with clean lines softened by natural materials and textures, the practical style compliments open-plan living and it’s influence is still clear in modern furniture today.



3. Connecting Shopology

The trend in wearable technology, growing in 2014 will explode this year, with the key ingredient being connectivity. For Retailers this provides a goldmine of data-gatherers, revealing your habits – both good and bad. In addition fashion tech looks set to reach the mainstream, with both clothing and accessories that actually look good – and it’s not all about watches either!




4. Anywhere, Anytime, AnyWAY

Location, location, location feels like a 20th Century monikor, and as we hunger for that elusive new experience whilst feeling ever more time constrained, we seek out more ‘quick’ fix retailing experiences. For some the thought or spending ‘hours’ shopping is now simply out of the question, combined with environmental concerns on travel and the ever present technology monster, retail 2015 is about shopping Anywhere, Anytime, AnyWAY.




5. Mannequins

Metallic’s from gold to silver, copper and bronze, mirror, matt and textures  – expect to see more of this everywhere as retailers as a touch of glamour and opulence to their visual merchandising. The army of mannequins we have seen over the past few years will continue to dominate, but expect some surprises with bespoke one off specials to break up the monotony, or the use of different arm positions to differentiate and add more interest to the displays.