A Week in the Life – Join the Dots

Ever wondered what a Creative Director gets up to? Here’s a little taster of a week in the life…

Many Creatives (with a capital ‘C’) are known for their lack of organisation but at some point we all have to acknowledge there is a need for a degree of clarity in our lives. Looking back at the schedule for this week it would appear that someone has thrown up all over it, and it certainly didn’t look that way at the beginning of the week.


This is the unpredictability and excitement that comes with a fast moving, growing and ambitious retail supply agency. With a wide offering from mannequins, to retail design, visual merchandising and shopfit the range of briefs and projects means that A) no day is EVER the same and B) you can NEVER get bored.

This week has gone from meeting with a large drinks company to discuss their future strategy, to collating contemporary mannequins, to looking at an entirely new shopfit for a fashion company – interspersed with the usual mix of meetings and updates.


What does all this mean and why is this relevant? It reflects the nature of our lives, where once there was singularity and pigeon holes, we now have a culture where the mixing of seemingly disparate elements is not just a desire, but a must have requirement.

In this regard over the past 10 years we have seen the merging of visual merchandising and retail interiors. No longer two separate elements, they have slowly become ever more intertwined. Such examples as Superdry, All Saints and Apple are brands whose store environments are stage sets of retail drama and theatre on steroids, that you sometimes wonder where the audience are sitting (clue: they’re behind you, infront of you, and all around you.)


And so what’s next? We hear about the digital revolution, the emergence of omni and multi channel. The reality is this has emerged, it’s here, we are in the digital revolution (cue trumpets). We are now in the process of amalgamating this into the whole retail experience and can no longer think of the customer as having two personalties, one which sits at home browsing and one which walks around browsing – they have been cured and that means that they are www.online.com #allthetime.


Like the calendar for this week our retail environments will now feature ever more disparate features brought together as customers bounce from browsing, to looking, to trying, to interacting, to sitting, to dreaming, to texting, to touching, and finally, hopefully to buying.


Joining the dots is the goal for retailers, ensuring consistency across touch points and making sure all the elements are balanced and working together –  a tough challenge – but the calendar is filling up already!

(Want some help in making sense of your retail experience, drop us  a line!)