All roads lead to Dusseldorf…

Tomorrow is D-Day – the day when all roads lead to Dusseldorf!  The time has come to realise the dream – the months of planning all coming together, the hours spent pouring over details are finally over and the final small details hopefully under control!

So tonight as suitcases are packed, don’t forget to pack correctly – sensible shoes for all those hours we will spend on our feet (yeah right – NOT!), enough warm clothes – after all it’s winter outside but always flaming hot in those halls and, of course, finally the outfits that allow for a quick day/night change (is that really possible!!)  Next week is all about hard work and hard entertaining! And for those reading this saying what’s so hard about entertaining, believe me it is hard work! Having a stand at a show is a bit like speed dating… you get a very short window to tell the interested party what you think they want to know and vice versa and you hope that when they leave, you have left enough of a lasting impression to make them want to hear and, or learn a little more about you. It’s a fine line between letting it all out and holding too much back! The difference between a good week and a spectacular week lies in how well the ‘speed dating’ goes – so tonight as we open our Valentine’s day champagne let’s make sure we raise a glass to many successful ‘dates’ and a week full of fun.

As I said tomorrow is D-Day, Dusseldorf here we come !!!