Are Retailers and Brands Keeping it Current?

Fashion is a constant whirlwind of change. One week it can be anything from fluorescent neon colours to floral and pastel colours. People crave the new ‘in-season’ look and go searching for it through shop windows for inspiration. Because of this, leading retailers and brands have really had to step up their game with their in-store VM and Window displays. On average retailers change their windows twice a month to keep the shoppers engaged and their windows looking fresh.

Large visuals and lots of theatrical drama with lighting playing a major part are just two of the trends that are highly popular in fashion windows at the moment. The light boxes and images are a great way to grab shopper’s attention passing by to allure them in!

With all these extra props and increase of curiosity will the high street remain the same? Or do they run the risk of becoming a distant memory. This is a big awakening to retailers to show that if they do not adapt with the retail industry they too could end up in the same category – has been.

Having said this, many of the high end retailers and brands seem to be using one rule – simplicity. They are using one big prop as their main focus, leaving the shopper wanting more…

Hermes_905pink tassels










For example Hermes has been using some very creative ideas. A horse wrapped in some of their iconic scarf’s,  and four big tassels dipped in a sassy vibrant pink surrounding three bottles of perfume.

Burberry (3)

Burberry (1)


Burberry using circles for their back drop and a circle for their mannequin to lay over and stand on – good use of reusing the same prop but giving the window a totally different effect. Burberry really is on top form and is looking very delicious!


pink hands



Speaking of delicious, Pink have only one rule…always pink! Their installation is simple yet totally memorizing. I just love the way they have used arms and hands as a compelling hanger for the clothes. Pink really have outdone themselves with this one.



IMG_2494 (1)


Phase 8 have used floral patterns, woods, creating warmth and fresh, light coloured clothing to attract shoppers to their store, and my golly has it worked. The whole window display just draws you in, and makes you feel a sense of security and happiness. The warmth really radiates onto you. It really is a beautiful compelling display.



The ever evolving world of window displays is the one area that allows our creative team to go wild. An area which although small, allows artistic licence – the two words the team love to hear!