Autumn Winter trends 2017

As Autumn will start to show its face, we thought we would share our pick of trends for the upcoming season, as a source of inspirations and ideas.

While floral prints have always held a special place in spring/summer trends, this autumn, they will take a dark turn into a Romance Pre-Raphaelite dream.
In fashion, noctural shades and tinted darks are arranged into sophisticated compositions, while in interior design moods will be created layering tactile fabrics, velvet textures, rich colours and floral motifs.



With emojis becoming the first truly global language, and animation movies targeting adults more and more, communicating via cartoon and bright coloured images has become an approved form of communication.
Cartoon inspired graphics and colours will be more and more visible in graphic, fashion and interior design this season.

For this trend, colours will be playful… not to be taken seriously! Minion Yellow, Lime Popsicle, Unicorn Glitter and pearlised, translucent and iridescent textures.



The rose gold finish was a popular trend in previous season and now super slick, chrome surfaces have really taken over. Light sensitive materials are ideal for retail: coloured chrome metallic surfaces can create striking definition inside store environments.



We have all seen it on social media (or dreamt about it), the trend of outlandish and ‘the bigger the better’ in-your-face deserts is expanding. Opulence and layering is the rule and the same will apply to fashion and interior design this autumn. The more daring you get, the cooler you’ll be: layering pieces of clothing and clashing motifs – go for it!



Consumers and companies are definitely going towards sustainability and natural ethical processes in all lifestyle areas, from food to interior design. The natural materials in the trend evoke living mindfully and consciously: natural fibres and surface imperfections are celebrated in a pure and neutral colour palette.