Beauty Studio by Superdrug

Beauty Studio – this is the new concept store that has just been launched by Superdrug in Cardiff, and what a treat it is. After reading many blogs about it, it has got us very excited!

The new store has been designed with a high-end feel and combines retail with beauty treatments.

This new store is run by highly trained staff that can advise you on products that would be best suited to you and can demonstrate by putting it on in store. Not only that, but it also offers high-end brands that aren’t in the standard Superdrug stores, all at affordable prices. Their objective for this store was to bring retail and beauty together to make them both accessible and affordable.

Beauty Studio offers customers an array of treatments such as manicures, makeovers, threading and eye lash tinting, ear-piercing and hair styling with its new hair salon, Hair Space. Treatments are to be at affordable, with some starting from as little at £5 and the greatest thing is there is no appointment needed.



Due to their new launch of this store it has attracted brands such as Marc Jacobs, Dolce & Gabbana and Prada, across its fragrance offer as well as more premium and exclusive beauty brands, such as Make Up Revolution and Love Your Skin.

Superdrug marketing director Matt Walburn said: “Superdrug wanted to do something that specialised in beauty and had the credibility of Superdrug but that was totally new. No-one else offers this accessibility of service.

“We want it to be seamless between service with products, so you can pick a hair dye off the shelf and have it put on in the hair salon.” He added that if the format is a success Superdrug could open up to 50 Beauty Studio stores in the UK which could be positioned in close proximity to existing Superdrug stores.



They also have interactive mirrors to experiment with different hair colours, and a selfie catwalk where you film yourself and send it to your social media sites…what a cool touch!

And to finish it off they decorated the store with lots of pink, making it feel like candy. Great job Superdrug – we wish you every success and hope to see the roll out for the 50 stores you are planning.




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