Bringing the spring spirit

The days are getting longer, spring has finally arrived!
What a better way to turn up the sunshine on spring than through retail design and visual merchandising?
So this week, Global display has curated a collection of images for you to jump into the spirit of spring.

First, using their range of product, Topshop creates to create a mesmerising display. The spinning Colour Wheel highlights the different outfits of the Spring collection by turning the wheel.




To create a rainbow like display, our next example shows selected products in a harmonious choice of colour to match the shades of mannequins in the display.



In a daring manner, colours used on mannequins and wigs with graphics, are creating a bold and colourful display.




To create a centre piece and highlight the product itself, props are used in a chromatic fashion.



Colourful backgrounds, either mono or polychromatic, are also high catching from afar.