ChristmasWorld/Christmas Trends 2014

Retail VM Christmas Trend 2014

GDP- visited Frankfurt last Monday to snoop around the Christmas World fair 2014 and we were in for a treat.

The show was surprisingly quiet and with so much to see, this is just what we needed!IMG-20140127-00094

The theme was lights, brights, fur, fluff and sparkle!!! Every Christmas object you can imagine was being transformed…..check out our favourite  —>

The breadth of props, lighting and greenery available was thought provoking and inspiring. We even saw some of our clients at the show that seemed to be leaving with a little Christmas magic in their pockets.


The Christmas High Street Highlights 2013

The ‘high street 2013.’ You know, the place we spend most of our lunchtimes sipping Starbucks mesmerized by the latest sky scrapper heels and iphone bling, burning our hard earned cash.

This year we saw masses of big haired mannequins, fictional animals, structural lighting and various takes on the humble tree using dominoes, luxury cosmetics, gift boxes and shoes (who can resist shoes?). A multitude of stars twinkling, flashing and radiating light throughout Oxford Street begs the question, from how far above can these stores be seen?…..

The success of the enchanting, mythical windows we saw in John Lewis, Fenwicks and Selfridges in 2013,

leads us only to assume that 2014 will be filled again with fairytale animals, magic and theatrical commemorative scenes, teamed with scale highlights and scientific minimalism.

Pastels and rose gold’s seemed ever present at Christmas World and it looks as though they will take a natural step forward into Christmas Windows with luxury materials including faux fur, velvet and frosted sparkles.

We can’t wait to get stuck into the Christmas Window kick off meetings, but the big snowman size question is what will be your window scheme this year? Will it be Kitsch and classic or an edgy futuristic stage show extravaganza…?

We look forward to finding out!

After all there is a little child inside each of us that just loves the magic that is found inside a Christmas Window…