Creating Controversy…

I see window displays as a form of art. A way for the retailer to express the personality of their stores contents. It’s a shame when some retailers, who have the potential to be outstanding, fall short.

Philip Browne however, (a menswear retailer, based in Norwich, England) is lacking anything but personality. When I saw his window display I erupted into tears of laughter! His window display was of a mannequin urinating against the wall the word ‘Sale.’

sales wee

As you can imagine it soon drew in a lot of attention from the public, with a variety of mixed reactions.

But all things must come to an end and eventually the police had to ask the owner to remove his display due to complaints from the public.

However, do you think the owner was defeated? Oh no, he came back with yet another creative display.

sales 2

I’ll leave it to you to make up your own opinion of his response.