Currys PC World Store

The latest Currys PC World store on Oxford street which opened in June is the new flagship for this multi-brand retailer, which has been through a number of mergers and acquisitions over the past few years. It is one of 273 three-in-one stores across the UK selling products from all three companies.

In previous stores it has toyed with the integration of visual merchandising with technology, this store focuses more on the interior layout, features and design whilst making clear these are the technology experts.

Currys PC World (1)


Currys PC World (2)

The windows follow a minimalist approach, with product highlighted on plinths. To add interest and fill the window a selection of digital screens runs a number of animations although they don’t always link to the product on show.

Currys PC World (5)


Currys PC World (6)

Within the store the fixtures and unitary all follow the Apple lead of large tables freeing the product to be touched and interacted with, although general circulation space is not as generous as the Apple offering.

Currys PC World (3)

With digital playing a key role in this stores offering it is no surprise to see a dominance of giant display screens, running up the escalator and along the cash desk wall area. How much eyetime these screens receive from consumers, or how distracting they are from the product is yet to be seen – but it would be interesting to see how technology can be communicated without resorting to giant screens , there must be a more architectural way to get the message across?

Currys PC World (9)


Currys PC World (8)

Practicalities of stores ultimately means flexibility must come at the cost of ultimate design finesse. Here the clever use of fabric graphic panels along the headers will ensure that the look and feel can be updated in a cost effective and efficient manner, and is a clever way of integrating a fabric graphic panel system in a  more sophisticated way.

Currys PC World (7)