Eco Display

Many retailers are realising the importance of sustainability in the creative world that is window displays and store theatre.

From a recent trip to Dublin we couldn’t help but notice that Brown Thomas has given us a great example of this with their current window scheme. They involved the National College of Art and Design to design a window scheme using recycled products such as; plastic bottles, chopsticks and a radiator transformed into a chair.


One of the main features is a chandelier made from plastic bottles, which is simple but eye-catching and original. Like all good art it had an impact on me. As a consumer one is invited to consider environmental issues or to simply appreciate some interesting artwork - ideally both.



We are continually investigating new ways to increase sustainability within the world of visual merchandising, with our unique Eco mannequin a prime example of this type of innovation. As a replacement for fibre glass it provides the opportunity to create not just mannequins, but fixtures and furniture due to its comparable cost and strength properties.