We thought it was time we updated you on where we are with the development of GDP’s eco mannequineco-mannequin, affectionately known as ‘Pandora’.

For those of you who attended the Euroshop Retail Trade Fair in Düsseldorf, you would have had the opportunity to meet with our beautiful Pandora 3 (see snapshot). Based on one of our key clients ‘Classic’ range, this latest version embodies the third generation and final selection of plant fibre and eco-resins.

It would be an under-statement to say that Pandora 3 attracted a lot of interest! Not least from all of the big mannequin houses wanting to know our secrets or partner with us. We even had a break-in;  an obvious but fruitless attempt to steal some of Pandora’s body parts! To be honest we had expected a lot more from our competitors in the area of sustainability.

Having now completed an exhaustive programme of chemical and physical testing with three independent academic institutions, we are now fine tuning the material composition to make our mannequin even lighter and stronger to ensure it performs as well, if not better than a conventional glass-fibre mannequin.  So confident are we of the outcome of these final ‘tweaks’ we have now applied for a patent to protect the intellectual property of the material and manufacturing process.

So where next?

Our aim is to have an official launch of Pandora 4 at the VM and Display Show in London on 29th April. We will send you more details of this event nearer the day, but please make a note in your diary to join us at the Business Design Centre at the end of April. Or why not contact one of the GDP team for more details of what could the biggest thing to happen in the world of VM for a long, long time!