Engaging with customers

Store design is increasingly evolving to deliver sensory, tactile and social experiences as part of a consumer journey. Design encourages engagement with customers and builds enthusiasm about retail as an event, as to not only be a transactional space but delivering a lasting impression of the brand.

O2 opened two new concept stores in London and Manchester, with a customer-focused experience approach. The new shop has been designed to revolutionise the look and feel of traditional mobile phone shop, and provide a new destination to learn and be inspired by the latest technologies.


The spacious, welcoming space was designed for proximity to the customer and straightforward support: it consists of interactive “inspire zones” giving customers to chance to try the latest technology and a walk-in working space, where business customers are offered the option to book conference or meeting rooms with regular tutorials delivers by expert O2 Gurus.


A lounge area offering hot drinks and wireless mobile charging stations encourages customers –whatever their network- to connect with the store, work on their laptop, have complimentary coffee, charge their phone or take a workshop.



In the sport industry as well, many stores encourage customers to buy into brand culture by giving a lasting impression of their journey through their space. Nike, for instance, offers gym facilities in some of their store, as well as engaging customers with their online community and training app.



Another example is Sun& Sand sport in Dubai. Consumer behaviour was considered as a tool to create the store: “Consumers today multi-screen, they devour information expect personalised experiences. They want to interact and expect personalised experience.”


Three interactive and immersive experience zones (football, basketball and running) highlight sights and sounds of each sport and give their customers the opportunity to test products and share their experience via social media integration.