GDP Rolls Out Eco-mannequins in SA’s Biggest Retailer

GDP are very excited to announce that its first mass produced eco-mannequin have now been officially launched in the Woolworth’s stores across South Africa. Woolworths Pty is part of the Southern hemispheres largest retail group, which includes David Jones and Country Road stores.

In July this year Woolworths rolled out their Modern range of eco mannequins at their Canal Walk store in Cape Town. The abstract mannequins were developed and manufactured by GDP. Duncan Burn, Senior VM Designer  at Woolworths said “they look great, there is no way you could tell the difference between the painted eco-mannequins and our premium glass fibre body forms and the raw version was stunning.”


 GDP’s eco-mannequins can be any size or pose that you desire; male, female, kids, standing or sitting. They can be real-life, highly detailed with make-up and wigs or abstract, finished in any way that pleases you.  Whether you want high gloss, textured, multi-colour or raw, there are no restrictions.  The ‘raw’ option has a clear, hard lacquer and adds an earthy and authentic look to the range.


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