Kate Moss Hits the High Streets

I read a very interesting article in This Week’s Fashion magazine by Fiona McCarthy. Kate Moss is a huge fashion icon to many and is sharing her style with people through Topshop. There is a massive craze brewing already, you may have already sensed it in the air. Girls will be queuing at the tills with more items than they can carry, faces beaming, anxiety Kate Moss Queuinggone, whilst others will be gutted that the item they want has sold out. If you are truly in to your fashion I am sure you will be in store this month, very moment even, looking through the collection!

So where did this insane craze for high street brands come from?? Fiona McCarthy explains all… ‘We can blame the Swedish chain H&M for slowly turning the stylish into a crazed posse of loons, desperate for their next hi-lo fashion fix.’

‘…Since the first collaboration, with the launch of Karl Lagerfield Pour H&M in 2004, they have made the ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ designer collection truly their own.’

‘Witness the recent frenzy over the H&M collaboration with French designer Isabel Marant. The queues started as early as 3.30am in the freezing cold; the brand’s website crashed on the dot of 9am; pieces sold out within minutes. All for a chunky knit cardigan or a suede fringed boot.’

To many this may sound absolutely insane, but I personally don’t see how it is any different to anyone else’s hobbies or passions? You see people queuing for days for the Kate Moss-TopShoplatest ipone, xbox, play station etc so why not queue for hours for a cardigan, shoes, purse if that is what you truly love?

Collaborations such as these are great. This gives people, even with the smaller purse capacity, to have a little a slice of retail heaven at affordable prices.

As Fiona McCarthy goes on to explain ‘serious fashion has become seriously expensive. Designers like Stella McCartney claim to be designing for real women, but few can genuinely justify an £895 silk shirt for work. Cheap chic from the high street can pep up our wardrobes without straining purse strings.’

High street stores want the premium feel throughout their stores, to give their shoppers a memorable experience, but have a lower budget to achieve this , compared to Channel stores for example. And just because the majority of shoppers can’t afford to shop in high end stores, don’t they still deserve a treat whilst shopping? We thank you Topshop for giving us shoppers this little bit of happiness whilst in your stores.