Lego – The Art of the Brick

Lego – we all remember the brightly coloured bricks, some of us still play with them!

Artist Nathan Sawaya has made a career out of creating sculptures, wall art and models from this humble plastic block.


The Art of the Brick is a touring exhibition featuring 80 art pieces and over one million bricks, currently on display at the Truman Brewery Brick Lane.

Using only Lego pieces Sawaya takes the humble brick and creates contemporary art combining the surreal with Pop Art and delighting audiences of all ages.

Some of the work recreates famous sculptures in brick, producing new pieces which are arguably  as fantastic and complex as the originals.

IMG_20141018_162803 IMG_20141018_162813

Classic art is further re-imagined through flat wall pieces, which have a very 1980s video game graphic style feel to them.

IMG_20141018_162932 IMG_20141018_163325

The real srt of the exhibition comes when Sawaya creates his own sculptures, based on events, thoughts and feelings from his daily life. First he sketches the concept before digging into his vast Lego box and literally brining the vision to life one small piece at a time.

IMG_20141018_163435 IMG_20141018_163416

Exploring diverse themes such as the universe, music and animals, some of the sculptures were experimentations, others strive to project a story or describe an emotion – this is not your standard collection of Lego kits!

IMG_20141018_163616 IMG_20141018_163738

IMG_20141018_163927 IMG_20141018_163945

The human form features heavily in the artworks, which considering it’s 3D complexity is quite an impressive feat. Sometimes these represent the artist, at other times they are abstract figures, with the ‘brick’ used not only as a building device, but an element in it’s own right.


IMG_20141018_164838 IMG_20141018_165159

IMG_20141018_164638 IMG_20141018_165610 IMG_20141018_165005

This piece represents the inner artist trying to escape from himself when he used to be a lawyer –  who knew Lego could be this deep?


Whether you are 5 or 50 there is something in this exhibition for everyone, and unlike a lot of exhibitions they actively encourage you to take photographs. At the end you can even spend some time creating your own artworks with a selection of lego available for you to get creative.  


IMG_20141018_164258 IMG_20141018_170317


The Art of the Brick
26 Sept 2014 – 4 Jan 2015
Old Truman Brewery
Loading Bay
Ely’s Yard
15 Hanbury Street
London, E1 6QR