New Look puts the ‘P’ in Pizzazz

New Look’s VM team have done a spectacular job with their store in Westfield Shopping Centre, White City, London. So much so I’ve decided to blog about it and take you on a journey throughout the store…

The Beginning

Their windows were very simple but with a big impact. The style mirrored from men’s wear to women’s wear. Each mannequin on a podium dressed very ‘boho,’ and on the women’s side they had a huge screen playing a video of girls simply having fun.













As soon as you walk in the whole store feels light, airy and calming. You’re welcomed by stylish mannequins that just ooze natural beauty, and the wigs finish them off beautifully.


To your right as you carry on walking a group of male mannequins are grouped together looking like the new cool kids on the block…


Festival time! The neon lights go wild screaming ‘summer is here!’ Fluorescent tubes hanging from the walls…bright lights everywhere… props for creating an energetic atmosphere.













Moving into the kids section it is very fitting. When I was younger there wasn’t any staying in playing computer games etc we were out on our bikes flying around. These Ipads really represent the kids of today and everything they love. Very cleverly done.




The men’s section was darker to the rest of the store and had an old 1960’s bike on a display stand. The whole feel to the area felt very ‘laddy,’ yet at the same time chilled with a touch of vintage. Use of wood for displays that has been coated to give it an older ‘authentic’ feel.












The End

The last section of the store was divided from shoes on one end and lingerie, bags and jewellery on the other. It seems quite the trend that retailers are displaying all women’s accessories with headers stating ‘finishing touches.’ I think this is fabulous cross selling tool, as it pulls the consumers in to think about the accessories they may need but have forgotten about.












The hosiery legs crossed over dangling some wedges are a good touch. The whole environment was very girly, but not overbearing. Lots of vintage styled frames with jewellery inside, chandeliers hanging mixed with modern table displays. I thought it was beautifully done, and easy to look around to see what was on offer.














Great job New Look!