New Mannequins on the Block

Whilst mooching around the London stores recently, I was amazed to see all the innovative, different, creative and inspiring things retailers are doing with their mannequins!

New Look are using Ipads as faces! Can you believe it! Innovation at its best. As you’re approaching, your own face is projected onto the ipad and it is as if you were standing in front of one of those mirrors in a fun house.












Moving onto Urban Outfitters, a retailer that never fail with their instore designs. They were rocking some alternative looking mannequins that had a hat on but no head….go figure!












River Island’s VM team’s creativity has turned their mannequin into a tropical Goddess, making it an eye catching centre piece. With clothes made out of huge exotic leaves, she is also surrounded by every girls dream – gorgeous summer shoes!


Oasis have created a beautiful Island Oasis – their boat hut style theme left me dreaming about the fast approaching summer holidays!  This theme projects what we all yearn for during summer…hot days filled with fun and laughter. They have even used colours that give you that ‘happy’ feeling and I left feeling more buoyed and ready to face the heat outside, knowing that my holiday was not too far off!