Spring 2017

In today’s ever-changing world, it is more important than ever to keep up to date with the newest trends; therefore as summer is dying down in the UK, we are already looking towards spring 2017.

This compilation offers our pick of trends that will be creating a stir in the coming spring, view and download the full pack using the link below:



Nowadays, an average user picks up the phone 85 times a day; an overly smooth and polished environment is replacing tactile moments with taps on a screen. For spring 2017, fashion, product and interior designs acknowledge our need to feel texture again. Products and spaces are designed with soft, silky, or fluffy surfaces, creating a soothing feeling at the touch and generating a cushy and relaxed experience.




The human skin represents an inspiration for many designers, as it is non-homogeneous, organic and adapts, stretches and deforms with the body. In their work, designers and artists are attempting to transform skin qualities into textiles, art and furniture. Skin tones, light pinks and beige colours, second skins, faux-furs, rubbers, leathers and wrapping materials will influence the design industry for spring 2017.




In fashion today, we embrace a level of informality that would have been frowned upon just a decade ago. In spring 2017, this new casual will be the dominant mood, with the sporty fashion interpreted with luxe materials cut into relaxed shapes. In interior design, the relaxed design style emerges understated, with soft textures such as textiles, furs in pastel, white, off-white colours.




Traditional notions of beauty still pervade, but there is a growing movement to celebrate humanity’s diversity. Product and fashion designs and marketing campaigns are designed to empower all types of consumers; this compelling reasoning is spreading to every aspect of our lives, consumer goods, furniture and interior design.
Do you want to be on trend next spring? Find the beauty in that product that has been manufactured wrong…




Robots are expanding skills, people are moving to mars, artificial life is growing… the future imagined in sci-fi many years ago is finally coming to life. Spring 2017 will have a futuresque feel, looking to the sky and future possibilities. Colours will be reminiscent of exploding stars and aurora borealis, almost optical flashes, blazing yellow, hot pink, vivid violet, acid green and black. Materials such as plastics, silver – gold finishing, crystal, ceramic, foil will be on the rise.




In the past years, travel and the blending of cultures have made people want to feel connected to their roots, and to other cultures. The archaic simplicity trend creates a connection with traditions and cultures, symbolised by a simplicity in volumes, forms, and a restraint in design, but with a pinch of rebellion. Clothes, food, accessories and art are influenced by roughly textured natural fibre weaves, primitive rough-hewn stonework, or even inter-woven tree branches.