This is just the beginning…

Düsseldorf 2014 has come and gone, but the effects of the long days and even longer nights are bound to be felt, for days and weeks to come.  Days and nights seemed to roll into each other and by the time Friday rolled around we weren’t sure if we were coming or going – but going home we were!20140216_105349

When Friday dawned and the time to leave Düsseldorf had come, we made our way to the airport at 7am in silence, with bags under our eyes, sore feet, sore throats, and in Alan’s case no voice!  But, we left feeling buoyed and upbeat knowing we had cemented our key relationships, and positive that we had impressed our new ‘suitors’ enough to get an opportunity at a second, longer date, to prove to them that GDP really is ‘The One’ when it comes to turning their In Store dreams into reality!

For two of us it had been a week of speed dating, the likes of which we have never encountered before. For the others, those that flitted in and out for a few days at a time, I’m certain they realised that the life of a ‘speed dater’ is not a bed of roses, not as glam as previously conceived!

20140216_110042Our pride and joy, GDP’s Eco Mannequin, was, certainly the ‘STAR OF THE SHOW’. It wasn’t long before she drew the attention of the big guns!  They just couldn’t get enough of her and, like moths to a flame they kept on coming back for more. With all the interest she was getting, we started watching her like overprotective parents!  And, it seems, our fears weren’t unfounded – someone tried to break into our lock up on Wednesday night!  Thankfully they weren’t able to gain access to her and we left the show knowing that, in her, we really did have something special within our grasp!


Winning an ISO Award for Best Stand Product Presentation certainly gets my vote for ‘The Proudest Moment’!  Acknowledgement that GDP has arrived, and that we are a serious Winning Awardcontender when it comes to our area of expertise!

I’m sure each and every one of us left Düsseldorf with memories that will stay with us for a long time to come. From my perspective, it was by all accounts a fantastic week – from a frantic, somewhat panicky start I watched as we became a slick, well oiled machine of a team! We worked hard, entertained harder and learnt a lot about ourselves, our team mates and our clients / prospective clients alike.

Like I said this is just the beginning – Euroshop 2014 put GDP out there on centre stage, now we have to reap the rewards of our endeavours and get our name up in lights!