Windows of Bluewater


As the Christmas window displays get installed up and down the country we bring you some photos from Bluewater…

River Island are using large letters, from the words Christmas and Xmas, arranged both in order and randomly, in different colours and with lighting. A simple and bold scheme that manages to imply seasonality without resorting to the classic Bauble and Tree scheme.


The team at Oasis are always great at putting their own spin on things, with traditional Christmas scenes given the Oasis treatment, just the right about of cool kitsch and great attention to detail.



The White Company are using a frosted/clear window graphic to focus attention on the mannequins and display groupings, although it does make some of their homeware product difficult to see clearly.



Wallis have a slightly retro futuristic feel to their scheme, with pointy star globes and a hanging globe chair complete with twinkling fairy lights.


DSC09052 DSC09051

Away from the bright lights of Christmas the Dune store showed some nice detailing with their product escaping along the ceiling and even outside onto the signage, a nice touch.


We watch with a keen interest the rise of Car Stores, with brands taking on ‘retail’ spaces and converting them into mini showrooms. An intriguing combination of two very different traditional product avenues.


There is a definite traditional feel to a lot of the seasonal schemes, combinations of trees, presents and baubles so there can be no doubt as to the time of year!




And finally something a but different from Converse, this advertising board with a cheeky message and falling water – an innovative way to showcase their product and catch your customers attention.