Windows of London – April




Spring is in the air and we took a stroll around some of Londons retail emporiums to bring you a collection of images for your viewing delight.

Both Anthropologie and Jaeger use canvas frames, with faded tones and a mix of transparent and opaque materials.



Miss Selfridges went full on with a print/graphic inspired window, full height graphics and floating boxes completing this frenzied window display.

Miss Selfridge (6)

Watches of Switzerland created have created a very dramatic (even in the daylight!) scheme with caged birds escaping only to find watches in their nests. The level of detail and quality to the props is impressive – a great example of a window display for a product which due to it’s size can often be difficult to present in such a large space.

Watches Switzerland (5)

Watches Switzerland (1)

Watches Switzerland (7)Watches Switzerland (6)

Large format graphics feature heavily in windows right now – we hope it’s not just an easy way to create window displays without having to use props and story telling – graphics alone are never enough!



Mango (9)

Fenwicks continue their recent trend for incorporating movement within their windows, with three drums of spinning legs certainly making customers stop – along with a clever tag line.


Debenhams and Burberry have both used large swathes of colour in their schemes, with the final interpretation representing the difference in their target customers – high street v premium displays.

Debenhams (1) Burberry (1)

The British weather is always a source of inspiration – J Crew hinting at the ever present rain clouds over these fair islands – cue the umbrellas.


We are not quite sure what the message is here at Louis Vuitton (again we see large format graphics being used) – the product get’s lost against such a busy background and the oversized graphics seem almost too random.

Luis Vuitton (1)Luis Vuitton (2)

Both Tory Burch and Juicy Couture have incorporated a panelled wall in their displays, (the Tory Burch using the T logo of their brand) and Juicy couture using a very industrial looking shape? At least it is not just another large format graphic!

Juicy Couture 20150330_141858