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Shine On Christmas 2016

As visual display becomes ever more important to both brands and customers alike, the ability to create distinctive and dramatic retail experiences that reflect the brands vision is paramount, and through bespoke modification, renovation, wigs and makeup, new and exciting concepts can be achieved efficiently and with great quality through Global Display London’s specialist services.

Under the theme of ‘Shine On’ the Selfridges creative team sought to bring back Santa Claus to window displays – but with a twist. The windows feature the bearded gentleman enjoying a number of alpine activities, from relaxing in a hot tub, to dancing the night away in a retro inspired nightclub.

Creating unique and dramatic body forms is a speciality of the London team, and our modifications specialists worked closely with the Selfridges display team to select suitable mannequins before reshaping the figures to create truly spectacular one off positions, in order to add realism to the party scenes, and enhance the fun of the overall visual results.

Finishing of the eye-catching effect was acheived through the application of makeup and shimmering decorations, hand crafted for each figure. In total over 60 mannequins were renovated, resprayed or reshaped, along with props and additional display elements for both the external and internal displays to ensure Santa Claus could celebrate the Christmas season in style.