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Global Display were commissioned by Top shop to create over 100 customised face masks and renovation of numerous mannequins in celebration of this year’s Halloween promotion.

Working in conjunction with Vanessa Davis (who is known as the Skultress) the artisans at Global Display were able to bring her makeup designs to life creating 2 styles of masks from their existing mannequins so that the masks could easily be removed without damaging the mannequins.

To achieve this a mould was taken of the head, which was then fabricated into a plastic mould for application of the painstaking makeup detailing.

With a London based workshop Vanessa was able to work onsite to define and create her designs which were then hand painted onto the various masks.

In total there are 3 different designs which were sent to stores in the UK, US, Canada and the Far Fast for a multi-region combined launch.

In combination with the masks, the 14 mannequins were also hand painted, with embellishments added to precise design layouts before being installed at Topshops’ London flagship store on Oxford Street.

With just 10 days from approval of the prototype to delivery this was an intensive timescale successfully completed by the Global Display VM teams.

Thank you to Vanessa Davis (the Skulltress) discover more of her work on instagram